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If you have a drawing blueprint with measurements. We are able to construct it, develop it and surely fabricate any sort of custom stainless steel products.

The Fridges and Bars come in various capacities and are designed to accommodate food platters, vegetables, and fruits. There is a range of bar fridges or fridges bars offering excellent value and are the most energy efficient fridges. It ensures to keep edibles fresh for a longer period of time.


Our licensed professional welder will guarantee your product will last many years.

We can deliver and/or professionally install your custom stainless steel
Fridges and Bars  products to your home or business.


We can do delivery & Installation
within Trading Hours.

Using only durable stainless steel materials made to not break.

We can do Complete Stainless Steel Kitchen Fit out

Pointers to meet and consider before buying Fridges and Bars


Walk-in freezers, coolers and Refrigerators are integral restaurant equipment pieces. They preserve your food and permit you to function efficiently.  Choosing Fridges and bars offers you the extra storage and helps you in keeping your favourite drinks and snacks ready at your fingertips.

They are available in varieties such as:

  • Back bar coolers with single door
  • Double and triple door
  • Outdoor fridges
  • Upright


The back bar coolers are amazing energy technology and are now the best selling fridges bars. They come as two and three door sliding back bar cooler rated as energy efficient in the market. At the forefront, energy efficiency is the main focus and it calculates to substantial savings. In fact, these allow the customers to enjoy the modest extra cost for the high efficiency.

These refrigerators are also freezers coming in various sizes, shapes, and configurations. They are amazing for any kitchen, home, commercial or industry. The commercial restaurant freezers maintain temperatures around -10°F and 0°F, while the commercial coolers are to maintain temperatures around 34°F and 40°F. However, all of them have one thing in common and that is the ability to preserve food and chill.

Pointer to consider before buying

The fridges and bars must be in high-quality and make sure you invest it right. Take time to scrutinise for reliable and best brands before finalising buying. Here are some basic pointers worth considering so that it proves to be comfortable.

Quality Design

Talking about fridges bars, it should be a quality material improving the insulation and allowing the refrigerator to last longer, from exterior and interior. It can be in stainless steel, aluminum or any other material, heavy or medium duty. It should be insulated well to help in saving energy and preserving bills.

Less Power Consumption

Commercial bar fridges should have a capacity for your needs. A large refrigerator consumes more energy and money; while the fridge bars are the best solutions consuming less power. They can hold beverages and food. The doors enable easy opening and to ensure safety you may lock it.

Sizes for your custom stainless steel is possible for us, we can go on site and measure to develop the right solution.