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To prevent fire from travelling to neighbouring building/properties.

Our warehouse fabricates Australian Standard stainless steel wall, plasterboard splash back walls and fiberock fire-rated walls to help protect Australian kitchen.

The Stainless steel walls
are installed behind kitchen equipment’s, part of
Australian regulation material will burn at 120 minutes before catching fire.

Please view PDF to see the MSDS.

Click Here for Material Safety Data Sheet

We can do delivery & Installation
within Trading Hours.

We can do Complete Stainless Steel Kitchen Fit out and Installation.

Benefits of installing Fire Rated Stainless steel Walls


Most constructions have important features installed behind the walls, ceiling, or under the roof. These may be wires or pipes serving many purposes. As for Fire Rated Stainless steel Wall, stainless steel is not only durable, but is also fireproof. There are plenty of benefits on installing the Stainless steel Walls that are fire rated:


An advantage that comes on installing a Fire rated Steel wall is that it offers extra security to the ceiling and also behind the wall structures. A Fireproof wall will ensure the walls protection from fire spreading; reducing damage to a great extent.

Environmentally Friendly

The Fireproof walls in steel are eco-friendly. The Advantage is that the recycled steel prevents degeneration or environment pollution. They assist in reducing noise pollution and also provide proper insulation. If you really care for the environment, this is an ideal choice.

Food Tastes Better

The Stainless steel shows no affect on the foods or its flavour. In fact, it is the safest in the world to prepare food. The Stainless steel wall in the area of food preparation is an advantage as it does not harbour microorganisms. The stainless steel is the most sanitary metal surface that it is used in hospitals and restaurants.

Microorganisms get Fewer Places to Colonise

Stainless steel is durable, and is also corrosion resistant. It is smooth for a longer time. When damaged it is less in comparison to other surfaces. Applying a sanitizer on the Stainless steel surface offers the advantage of staying clean enough and to work with full confidence.

Neutral Appearance

There is a neutral appearance and it means it literally goes well with anything. In case there is traditional stainless steel finish that is too shiny, you can consider giving a brushed finish. This will not be shining and it also has a warmer appearance. It also is tough, hard, and corrosion resistant that it easily takes chemical contaminants and physical beating, that long life is assured.

Sizes for your custom stainless steel is possible for us, we can go on site and measure to develop the right solution.