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Is your kitchen experiencing poor exhaust suction?

Do you believe the Exhaust Fan in your kitchen removes foul odors and moisture effectively?

If the Exhaust Fan in your kitchen fails to work, it causes unpleasant experience. Most times, the exhaust fan in the kitchen that is non-functioning is repaired, averting the need for Exhaust Fan Replacement.


Cleaning the Exhaust Fan will reduce breakdown from grease build, over the months the fan circumference and the blades sticks, causing difficulties for the motor spin over time.

 Is your Kitchen Exhaust Fan system maybe weak,
making strange noises or smoky?

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Tips to avoid Exhaust Fan Replacement

The Issue is due to not servicing the Exhaust Fan. No regular cleaning for Exhaust Fan can cause serious outcomes
if not serviced.


 A few tips helping with kitchen exhaust fan repairs are: 

Remove the Cover

Prior to starting on the Exhaust Fan of your kitchen, the first step is to remove the cover protecting the fan blades also the grease has dried the cove edges. The protective cover on the fan may not be easy to remove, this is because the kitchen receives grease build after it exiting the Exhaust Fan.

Ensure it is clean

The fat oil build get accumulated on the Exhaust Fan of the kitchen and do not operate as required. This is due to the grime, dirt, and grease built up in the area that the fan blade is attached and it prevents the blade from properly spinning. In fact, it also hinders the removing of moisture and air from the kitchen. All you have to do is remove the cover of the fan and the fan blade. Clean the area and the fan blades using scrub brush.

Check wire connections

In case the fan in the kitchen does not receive enough power, you must consider checking the wire connection to the fan from the power. The wire nuts connecting may become loose and just requires to be tightened. In case they come out loose, it is best to install a new wire nut, replacing the existing one.

Replace the motor

The non-functioning kitchen Exhaust fan may be due to a dead motor.

Final words

In case your kitchen exhaust fan stops functioning, and you are unable to diagnose the exact problem, it is best to replace the exhaust fan in your kitchen. DLV can also install new Kitchen exhaust fans with wiring done by electricians

DLV supplies 1 Year Warranty Exhaust Fan Replacement