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1 in 3 restaurant fires start from the kitchen fan and duct system.

The Exhaust Fan and Duct Cleaning are easily forgotten with maintenance resulting in malfunctioning that never comes to notice, or even catch fire.

Cleaning the interior grease build up on the blades and rim of the fan, will help improve better air flow increasing systems life. Exhaust fan is the most important part of the kitchen system which draws air through the canopy, into the duct work exiting the rooftop fan.

We also clean the kitchen system Ducting, removing the grease even cutting and installing access panels to help remove oil leak from duct.

Commercial kitchen must service every 6 months, clean exhaust system to comply with Australian Standard and Regulations. Exhaust fan and Duct cleaning may be complex, so check the documentation of the systems layout.

Why its important

  • Reduce fire risk
  • Avoid costly replacement
  • Improve smoke ventilation
  • Improve odour ventilation
  • Avoid Damaging Exhaust System
  • Comply with Insurance regulation
  • Comply with Australian Standards
  • Comply with OH&S regulation

Kitchen Exhaust systems are the underappreciated

Normally, grease is the main reason fire starts in kitchen, regular maintained needed to be cleaned. The Exhaust fans prevent vent pipe from getting gummed up as they have grease filters. Cleaning kitchen ventilation System is time consuming and also to take elbow grease. Remove the grease built-up by soaking for an hour or two on scrub cleaning remove the grease on the exhaust fan.

Are you aware that cooling ducts and grease ducts are a health and safety risk?

  • Grease and dust inside are all around the duct work, making it the right place for the growth of bacteria. Eventually, exposure to can causes nasty symptoms and allergic reactions.
  • A Fire starts from airflow restricting the return air and the heat ducting. The main reason is due to lint and dust settled in the duct work and in the air grille.
Exhaust Fan Circumference & Fan Blades
Exhaust Fan Bowl
DLV supplies 1 Year Warranty Exhaust fan replacement and oil drip tray for duct leaks.