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Opening a New store? Need a Exhaust Canopy Extension?


To meet with Australian Standard, we can fabricate your Exhaust Canopies with quality and durable steel with thickness of 1.2mm (using 304 Stainless Steel).


We can do delivery & Installation
within Trading Hours.

We can do Complete Stainless Steel Kitchen Fit out and Installation

Exhaust Canopy an important Appliance for a kitchen

Having a proper Exhaust Canopy has be ideal.Operating a restaurant, and different cultural cuisines or a café, in fact nearly all the commercial industries involves with cooking. The Exhaust Canopy holds the smoke, steam, odors, and heat from the kitchen ensuring hygienic health and safety reasons for your staff and a clean air environment.

DLV built and installed in most commercial environments including the pizza ovens, grills, charcoal, and dishwashers, for single and multiple equipment stations. With commercial kitchen engineers, designers and restaurant owners coming up with new ideas of Exhaust Canopies to suit your workforce.

There is a need to consider for appliances used in the commercial environments before deciding the Range hood Canopy Design. This is essential so that there is proper filtering, support to help remove odors and gases from the kitchen. So choosing Exhaust Canopy System is one of the important appliances in the commercial industries.

Appreciable benefits

The Exhaust Canopy or Range hood designed to capture the heat, odors, oil, and steam developing when preparing a food. There are a few benefits explaining the need of Exhaust Canopies:

Keeps Air Clean

The biggest benefit is that it eliminates toxic gasses and pollutants from the kitchen air. Cooking involves dealing with steam, smoke, and grease, so inhaling these has dangerous side effects. Installing Exhaust Canopy Systems captures undesirable particles out of the kitchen, reducing the toxic air making working environment safe. It also cut the carbon monoxide present inside.

Removes Excess Heat

You can stay comfortable, free from sweat and focus on cooking with ease. The Exhaust Canopy sucks the heat produced in excess cooking appliance and burners, keeps the kitchen somewhat cooler reducing heat.

Improves property value

Having the Exhaust Canopy or even the Range Hoods surely improve the property value. Having the Exhaust installed means it shows you know to live in luxury and even if you do not have one, the realtor may ask you to install one before it is for sale in the market.

Sizes for your custom Exhaust Canopy is possible for us, we can go on site and measure to develop the right solution.