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Looking for Customise Cool room or Freezer Room for your industry?


We can build Cool Room and Freezer Rooms for-

• Restaurants
• Bottle shops
• Petrol stations
• Hospitals
• Mobile Cool rooms


Our Cool Room/Freezer is well constructed and built to last and sealed for efficient longevity.

We can do delivery & Installation
within Trading Hours.

We can do Complete Stainless Steel Kitchen Fit out and Installation.

Make a right investment to meet your kitchen needs by buying Cool room and Freezer room

Refrigerators are a wonderful asset in a commercial kitchen as they help keeping the food products nutritious and safe. A commercial kitchen success is on the food quality it produces and if the storage in the kitchen lacks, shortage of food is certain.

Each kitchen requires an area as cold storage and the capacity to store the kitchen food products. The Cool room and Freezer room are in a great addition to the kitchen. The best part of cold rooms is you can find things easily and installing one is really easy.


Here are a few important things to consider while investing and installing in a cold room.

Know exactly that you need

A cold room is a must though installing it is not any cheap investment. It is a must to be really clear about your wants and kitchen requirements. It may require you to consider the business volume and the storage requirements. Installing a cold room that is huge for the food amount helps you to store than wasting money.

Deciding specifications

The cold room should be in alignment with other operational requirements. You must be well-informed about the freezer room requirements and the food products to be stored so that the supplier knows what you are looking for exactly. Informing the functionality to run your kitchen efficiently is mandatory. The supplier and the customer both must be clear on the specifications.

Space and Location

The cold room location in association with space will have a great impact on the functionality and specification of the room, so choose wisely the location. Ascertain the space is suitable for installation and does not accommodate much of the kitchen space. The freezer rooms must position near the back of the commercial kitchen if not huge. It allows the food products to stay fresh for a longer time. Taking the storage capacity into consideration is important so that the best use is made of the freezer available room. Proper planning helps in creating different zones and the inventory will also not face any problem.

Sizes for your custom Cool Room/Freezer is possible for us, we can go on site and measure to develop the right solution.